Photoreceptor Sheets

          The intact laminar structure of a photoreceptor sheet makes it an attractive tissue for ocular transplantation.

          3D Eye Cups

          100μm-thick sections of 63-day iPSC-derived 3D eyecups are multilayered retinal-like structures that express PAX6 (red), MITF (green; future RPE cells) and OTX2 (magenta; future photoreceptors).

          Teratoma Formation

          Formation of a large teratoma at 4 weeks post injection of undifferentiated iPSCs into a mouse eye.

          Retinal Gliosis

          Retinal degeneration stimulates muller cell activity and glial scar formation at the outer limits of the diseased retina.

          Adult Mouse iPSCs

          iPSCs generated from adult mice expressing the red fluorescent reporter dsRed.

          iPSC Generation

          Mitotically active fibroblast cell being reprogrammed.

          Normal Mouse Retina

          Mouse retina labeled with antibodies against red/green cone opsins (magenta) and rhodopsin (green).